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Does Kotor have cheat codes?

Does Kotor have cheat codes?

Find and go to your game folder. Open up swkotor. ini, go under [Game Options] then add “EnableCheats=1” without quotation marks. When in game press the tilde key (` or ~) and type in codes you want to use.

How do I get unlimited credits in Kotor?

How to get free money in KOTOR:

  1. Get the Ebon Hawk.
  2. Land on Tatooine.
  3. Sell all your computer spikes to the merchant that’s right in the landing area there.
  4. Go back on board, and talk to T3M4, he should be in the middle area with Zaalbar.
  5. Do step 4 ten more times.
  6. Sell your 11 free spikes for 60 credits each.

How do you cheat in Knights of the Old Republic?

While playing , press TAB while holding the ~ button. This will you give you a cheat list at the left side of the screen.

How do I enable cheats in Kotor Iphone?

Do a spotlight search for a file called “swkotor. ini” (I can’t remember where it resides) and open it. Under the line of text that reads “[Game Options]” add a line thats reads “EnableCheats=1”. Save this file and open KOTOR.

Is Kotor getting remastered?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most legendary classic RPGs, telling a Star Wars story thousands of years in the past. A remake or remaster of the RPG favorite has long been rumored, but now it has been confirmed at the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Can you mod Kotor iOS?

‘Star Wars KOTOR 2’ Now Available on iOS and Confirmed to Work with the Restored Content Mod – TouchArcade.

Can you play Kotor on PS4?

Unfortunately for PS4 players, no, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake will not be coming to PS4 and will be a next generation console exclusive.

Does KOTOR 2 have any DLC on PC?

Kotor II doesn’t have any, just an unofficial restoration mod (which is worth looking into). Yavin was just DLC on xbox, the pc version is complete.

What does the acronym KOTOR 2 mean?

KOTOR 2 is an acronym for the Star Wars based video game ‘Knights of the Old Republic II’. This is a prequel to the original game KOTOR I. Hard core fans prefer that people not confuse the acronym as a real word.

How long is KOTOR 2?

KotOR 2 is probably about 40. If you do everything, you could be looking at about 50-60 hours. I think I spent 60 hours in my first playthrough, and about 40 in the 2nd playthrough, and 35 in the final one.