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How do you get better accuracy in Wizard101?

How do you get better accuracy in Wizard101?

Definitely, the easiest way on improving storm’s accuracy at a low levels is by using the treasure cards mentioned above. All these cards are available at Bazaar. Also, gear works as well too. Using gear giving/boosting accuracy also helps, although gear boosting accuracy tend to be a bit subpar at lower levels.

Can you solo Wizard101?

But if it doesn’t kill don’t panic, because you can stay alive pretty easy and prepare another hit. Overall, these are the basics that any Wizard101 player can use for soloing.

What does Mega soothe do Wizard101?

The spells Mega Pacify, Mega Calm, Mega Subdue, and Mega Soothe will knock down the enemy’s threat based on how many pips you have: 1-4 pips reduces threat by 1. 5-8 pips reduces threat by 1-2.

Why do my spells fizzle in wizard101?

The chance of getting a fizzle is respective to the chance of a spell succeeding, so if you have a 85% chance of success, you have a 15% chance of failure. And the reason that Tech Support isn’t responding is because THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE.

How does accuracy work wizard101?

There is no max accuracy, and most people try to obtain at least the minimum requirement needed so they never have to worry about fizzling. For example, Life spells have 90% accuracy, so you just need 10% Life accuracy to ensure that you never fizzle. However, most people try to obtain more accuracy than that.

Can Death solo Wizard101?

You probably already know that death is by far the easiest school to solo as. This is because of death’s drain spells. They keep you alive and deal damage at the same time, so if you time your hits correctly you will almost never die. Death also has good resist, health, etc, so staying alive isn’t a problem.

What does subdue do in wizard101?

Subdue reduces your threat on your target. It is supposed to make them not see you as much of a threat anymore, and attack other players.

Where do you get perfect amethyst in wizard101?

The amethyst is a reagent. You can buy them from the Reagent vendors and also at the Bazaar.