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How do you use a fair crack of the whip in a sentence?

How do you use a fair crack of the whip in a sentence?

If you get a fair crack of the whip, you get the chance to prove how good you are at something. All I wanted was to be given a chance to prove myself and I felt I didn’t get a fair crack of the whip. None of them is expecting any favours, just a fair crack of the whip.

Where does the term crack the whip come from?

“Crack the whip”: An expression for using one’s authority to urge subordinates to work harder or behave better, “crack the whip” traces its origins to 17th-century horse-drawn wagon drivers, according to the “The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms” by Christine Ammer.

What can I say instead of crack the whip?

What is another word for crack the whip?

supervise oversee
guide overlook
preside over administrate
boss captain
head inspect

What is the meaning of idiom on the ball?

phrase. If someone is on the ball, they are very alert and aware of what is happening. She really is on the ball; she’s bought houses at auctions so she knows what she’s doing.

What is it called when you crack a whip?

Whipcracking is the act of producing a cracking sound through the use of a whip.

What is the synonym of whip?

In this page you can discover 113 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for whip, like: beat, ox whip, switch, strap, rod, birch rod, ruler, lash, stitch, cane and scourge.

What does the idiom straight from the horse’s mouth mean?

From a reliable source, on the best authority. For example, I have it from the horse’s mouth that he plans to retire next month. Also put as straight from the horse’s mouth, this expression alludes to examining a horse’s teeth to determine its age and hence its worth. [

What does whip mean car?

Whip has been used as a slang word for “car” since the late 20th century. It’s also used as a verb meaning “to drive (a car).”

What does it mean if a girl is whipped?

Slang. Slang. excessively devoted to or controlled by one’s romantic partner.