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How many medals does Rio have?

How many medals does Rio have?

The 2016 Summer Olympic program featured 28 sports with 41 disciplines, and a total of 306 events, tentatively resulting in 306 medal sets to be distributed. Athletes from 87 countries won medals, and 59 of them won at least one gold medal….Medal table.

NOC United States (USA)
Gold 46
Silver 37
Bronze 38
Total 121

How many medals are Team GB predicted to win?

Team GB have a medal target of between 45 and 70 medals in total, and anything that beats the 67 achieved five years ago would be a record. Team GB made their most successful start ever at an Olympic Games with a series of memorable early displays at Tokyo 2020.

How many medals are given out at the Olympics 2021?

(The official Olympics medal standings are listed by total gold medals.)…Olympic medal count 2021.

Country United States
Gold 39
Silver 41
Bronze 33
Total 113

How many medals does each country have 2021?

Olympic Medals By Country 2021

Country Gold Total Olympic Medals
United States 1127 2827
United Kingdom 274 883
Germany 283 855
France 248 840

Which country won most medals per capita by 2020?

When analysing overall medals per person, San Marino wins this category. The tiny country located inside Italy – with a population of 33,391 – won three medals, therefore averaging one per 11,310 citizens.

Do coaches get Olympic medals 2021?

So Olympic coaches do not get official medals from the International Olympic Committee like the athletes do. Also, some countries pay their athletes and coaches money for winning which is a nice bonus.