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Is Janet Brown still alive?

Is Janet Brown still alive?

Deceased (1923–2011)
Janet Brown/Living or Deceased

How old is Janet Brown?

87 years (1923–2011)
Janet Brown/Age at death

Actress and comic Janet Brown, who was best known for impersonating former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has died aged 87. Her agent said she died in her sleep at a nursing home in Hove, East Sussex, after a short illness.

Who Was Peter Butterworth wife?

Janet Brownm. 1946–1979
Peter Butterworth/Wife
Janet McLuckie Brown, actress, comedian and impressionist: born Rutherglen, Lanarkshire 14 December 1923; married 1947 Peter Butterworth (died 1979; one son, and one daughter deceased); died Hove, East Sussex 27 May 2011.

Who was Janet Brown married to?

Peter Butterworthm. 1946–1979
Janet Brown/Spouse

What happened to Butterworth?

His failure to return for the following day’s matinee show caused alarm, and he was found dead in his room from a heart attack. Butterworth was buried in Danehill Cemetery, in East Sussex.

Was Janet Brown in Midsomer Murders?

Janet Brown, the comic and actor who became familiar to millions of TV viewers for her impressions of Margaret Thatcher, has died aged 87. More recently she appeared in television shows including ITV1’s Midsomer Murders and BBC1’s Casualty and Hotel Babylon.

Is Peter Butterworth still alive?

Deceased (1915–1979)
Peter Butterworth/Living or Deceased

Where is Peter Butterworth buried?

Danehill Cemetery
Butterworth was buried in Danehill Cemetery, in East Sussex. Following his death, the producer of the Carry On films, Peter Rogers, said that Butterworth was “a thoroughly nice bloke and a dear friend”.

Where is Janet Brown buried?

Brown never remarried, spending the rest of her life in Hove until her death following a brief illness in a nursing home in May 2011, aged 87. She is buried alongside her husband Peter Butterworth in Danehill Cemetery, in East Sussex.

How old is Jim Dale?

86 years (August 15, 1935)
Jim Dale/Age

Did Jim Dale appear in Harry Potter?

Jim Dale (b. 15 August, 1935 in Rothwell, Northamptonshire as James Smith) is an English actor, who is the narrator of the American versions of the audio book editions of all seven volumes of the Harry Potter novels. He also narrated the bonus features on the DVD editions of the first four Harry Potter films.

Who married Jim Dale?

Julia Schaflerm. 1980
Patricia Dalem. 1957–1977
Jim Dale/Spouse

What was the cause of Janet Brown’s death?

The police said that Janet Brown died from head injuries and thought that she had been hit over the head multiple times with a blunt instrument, such as a crowbar. It was thought that the killer had cleaned up after and diluted blood was found on several light switches upstairs.

What was the name of Janet Brown’s husband?

Her husband was the actor Peter Butterworth, best known for his appearances in the Carry On films. Butterworth died in 1979. Brown never remarried.and lived the rest of her life in Hove. She continued to work on radio, television and the stage. She is survived by her son, the actor Tyler Butterworth. Her daughter Emma died in 1996 at the age of 34.

What was last play Janet Brown was in?

Brown’s final stage role was as Old Lady Squeamish in a West End production of The Country Wife (Theatre Royal, Haymarket, 2007). Her husband died in 1979. Brown and Butterworth had two children, Emma, who died in 1996, and the actor Tyler, who survives her.

How did Janet Brown die in Hall Farm?

She was attacked at her home on 10 April 1995 and was found dead the next day just after 8am, naked at the bottom of the stairs by a builder and his son who had arrived to carry out some work on the estate. They had heard the internal alarm going at the house and saw that the lights were still on and the curtains pulled back.