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What does Contaimed mean?

What does Contaimed mean?

1 : soiled, stained, corrupted, or infected by contact or association a contaminated wound Urine and feces of infected cats and contaminated clothing, bedding, food bowls or toys are also possible modes of transmission. — Cat Fancy.

What is contamination medical term?

[kon-tam″ĭ-na´shun] 1. the soiling or making inferior by contact or mixture, as by introduction of organisms into a wound.

What is contamination in biology?

Definition. The presence in the environment of living organisms or agents derived by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mammal and bird antigens that can cause many health effects.

What are the causes of contamination?

Contamination typically comes from particular industrial, agricultural or commercial activities. For example, chemical or waste spills and leaks….The reasons for contamination can include:

  • poor waste management.
  • poor construction, industrial or agricultural practices.
  • illegal dumping or unsafe storage of harmful products.

What is an example of a biological contamination?

Biological contaminants include bacteria, viruses, animal dander and cat saliva, house dust, mites, cockroaches, and pollen. There are many sources of these pollutants. Standing water, water-damaged materials or wet surfaces also serve as a breeding ground for molds, mildews, bacteria and insects.

What is an example of contamination?

The definition of contaminate is to infect, corrupt or make impure. An example of contaminate is to accidentally place raw chicken on the counter and not clean it up.

What is a sentence for contamination?

Contamination Sentence Examples. (2) There is a great increase in contamination in the milk at each stage before it reaches the customer. This provides for the reduction as far as possible of contamination during the milking process itself. If the contamination exceed a certain limit, the scrapings remain quite dead.

What does ‘direct contamination’ mean?

An encyclopedia entry for “direct contamination” in the context of food safety is presented. This refers to a route of contamination passing direct from the contaminating agent to the food. Examples of direct contamination are hand contamination of food and the dripping of contaminated fluid from food onto another food.

What is the noun for contamination?

The adjective form is contaminative, the noun forms are contaminator and contamination. Contaminate comes from the Latin contaminatus, the past participle of contaminare meaning to defile. A contaminant is a substance that renders something impure, polluted, infected or corrupted.