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What does the preacher agree to tell Opal about her mother?

What does the preacher agree to tell Opal about her mother?

When the preacher agrees to tell Opal 10 things about Mama, Opal learns that her mother was a bright and fun person who loved to grow things and listen to stories—but she also learns that Mama was deeply unhappy in her marriage and turned to alcohol to deal with her unhappiness.

Why did Opal want 10 things about her mother?

Opal decide there were ten things she wanted to know about her mother because it had been ten months since she had seen her mother. Opal decide there were ten things she wanted to know about her mother because she wanted to know one thing for each year she had been alive.

What does the preacher want Opal to do?

The preacher listens, but still insists that Opal take the initiative and apologize. He wants her to be the one to take the high road in her behavior, and he tells her that even though Stevie may have “a strange way of going about (it)”, he probably just wants to be her friend (Chapter 18).

How many things did Opal list that she knew about Winn Dixie?

As they look, Opal mentally compiles a list of 10 things she knows about Winn-Dixie. She thinks she could write them on posters to help people find him.

Why does Opals mom leave her?

Opal’s mother left them? Opal’s mother probably left the family because she had a drinking problem which caused her parents to fight a lot, and she hated being a preacher’s wife. She didn’t like the ladies at church judging her all the time, and eventually it became too much for her to handle so she left.

What kept Opal from sticking her tongue out at the Dewberrys?

What caused Opal to NOT stick her tongue out at the Dewberry boys on her way to Gloria Dump’s house? She thought about what Gloria said on not judging them too hard. She thought she’d get a spanking if she did.

Does Opals mom come back?

The main character, India Opal Buloni (usually called Opal) has moved to Naomi, Florida with her father (usually called the Preacher). Opal is sad (partly because her mother left them long ago) and lonely. Her mom does not come back. Winn-Dixie does not die.

Why does Opal compare the preacher to a turtle?

Opal really gets it when she says that her daddy, the preacher, “[reminds her] of a turtle, hiding inside its shell, in there thinking about things and not ever sticking his head out into the world” (2.14). This makes him “a good preacher and a nice man,” but not such a great father (2.1). …

What amazes Opal at the end of Chapter 10?

Terms in this set (10) What amazes Opal at the end of Chapter 10? The preacher laughed and let Winn-Dixie get on the bed.

What kind of sandwiches did Gloria and Opal make for the party?

Opal and Gloria decide to hold the party at night. The afternoon before, Gloria teaches Opal to make egg salad sandwiches. Winn-Dixie watches, wags his tail, and smiles at Gloria.

What do Opals prayers tell you about her?

At the end of Chapter Five, what did Opal pray about? At the end of Chapter Five, Opal prayed for her mother. She prayed that one day she might be able to tell her the story of Winn-Dixie catching a mouse, and then she prayed telling God that she was lonely.

What does Winn Dixie do to the preacher in because of the preacher?

Winn-Dixie ’s arrival to the family begins to change this, as the dog showers the preacher with affection and, through his actions, encourages the preacher to talk to Opal about Mama.

What happens at the end of because of Winn Dixie?

Opal worries that Winn-Dixie has been hit by a car, and the preacher tells her that they cannot worry about what might have happened, that instead, they must keep looking. As Opal searches for Winn-Dixie she compiles a list of ten things she knows about him, so that she can put it on missing posters all over the neighborhood.

What does Opal say to her father in because of Winn Dixie?

Opal is resistant to stopping and angry at her father for suggesting they do so. She tells her father that he always gives up, that she bets he “didn’t even go out looking for my mama when she left. I bet you just let her run off, too” (165).

How does Dunlap apologize in because of Winn Dixie?

Dunlap comes into the yard and Opal apologizes for calling him and his brother bald-headed babies. He holds out his hand to Opal in order to help her up. They enter the house and return to the singing.