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What is Jessica in Hawaiian?

What is Jessica in Hawaiian?

Iekika is a Hawaiian variant of Jessica. Jessica originates in Hebrew language and means “one who can foresee”. It was mentioned the very first time in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice. He probably derived it from an old Hebrew name Iskah, shortly mentioned in the Bible.

How do you say my name in Hawaiian?

So, to ask “What is your name?”, you should say “ʻO wai kou inoa?”.

How do you say Grandma in Hawaiian?

The formal Hawaiian term for grandmother is kuku wahine, but tutu is used most commonly for grandparents of both genders. Although the conventional wisdom is that there is no “t” in the Hawaiian language, in actuality the “t” and the “k” are somewhat interchangeable.

What is a Hawaiian name for a girl?

70 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Name Meaning
Kala As royal the name sounds, its meaning is royal too! The name means ‘princess’ and is the Hawaiian version of the name Sara.
Kahula This name means ‘dancing’, and can be used for both boys and girls.
Kailani This beautiful baby girl name means ‘sea and sky’.

What is Bella in Hawaiian?

Beautiful – Pretty – Nani. Beautiful Flower – Puanani. Becky – Peke. Bella – Pela.

What is the Spanish name for Jessica?

Since the sound of the English J- doesn’t exist in Spanish, the Spanish speakers adapt it as Y-, which is the more similar in their language (even being very different), and that is why some English names with J- as Jessica, Jennifer or Jonathan has been adapted in Spanish as Yésica, Yénifer and Yónatan.

What does Mohana mean in Hawaiian?

Meaning: attractive, charming.

What does the name Alani mean in Hawaiian?

SHARE. This name is Hawaiian for “orange,” referring to the fruit, the tree, and the color.

What does Mia mean in Hawaiian?

hau.mia. nvs. Uncleanliness, filth, defilement, abomination; defiled, indecent, obscene, vile, lewd, unclean (Oihk.

What does Auntie mean in Hawaiian?

In Hawaii, “Aunty” and “Unko” (Uncle in Standard English) are used as a sign of respect towards elders.

How to say and write Jessica in Hawaiian?

How to say and write Jessica in Hawaiian. If you go into a souvenir shop in Hawaii, you may find numerous items printed with the name Jessica translated into Hawaiian. Popular items include keychains, necklaces, cups, and t-shirts. Is your name Jessica? Do you want to know the Hawaiian name for Jessica?

Can You translate anything from English to Hawaiian?

Convert any word from English to Hawaiian and vice versa! Hawaii is well known for it’s splendid climate, great beaches and beautiful scenery. Once you arrive in Hawaii, you find out that it is much more. You find an inviting and rich culture much different than the one you may experience on the mainland.

How to find a Hawaiian name in English?

We’ve translated some of the most popular Hawaiian names into English for you. Name not here? Email us and we’ll translate for you!

Is there a Kahak O in the Hawaiian language?

Hawaii English Dictionary. In the Hawaiian language, the ‘Okina is an official consonant. An ‘Okina will never be the last letter in a word, will appear in front of a vowel but never before a consonant. The Kahak ō: In the Hawaiian language, the Kahak ō is a stress mark or “macron” that appears only over vowels.