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What is the chance of becoming a professional football player?

What is the chance of becoming a professional football player?

There are 1,093,234 high school football players in the United States, and 6.5% of those high school players (or 71,060) will play in college. The drop off from college to the pros is even more dramatic: only 1.2% college-level players will get drafted to the NFL.

Can I be a professional footballer?

To become a professional footballer, you need to live and breathe the game. The journey won’t be all smooth sailing, but your passion will help you to power through the negative and challenging moments. If you want to be a professional athlete in today’s market, you need to be 100% committed.

What makes a professional footballer?

It takes many things to become a professional footballer, the main components being hard work and dedication, courage, will and keeping your feet on the ground despite whatever successes you have. A bit of luck along the way does no harm either.

Is it hard to become a professional footballer?

This is impossible without a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Getting into peak physical shape and staying there is a difficult task but you won’t become a professional unless you can do this. Footballers require stamina, strength, agility, and pace.

Is being a footballer easy?

Becoming a professional footballer is an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish and there are many things that a player must master to be successful. Everyone has a different football journey, it is unique to each player and the most important thing is to enjoy it.

Is it possible to become a professional footballer?

Being a professional footballer is the dream job for many and it’s easy to see why. After all, it offers one the chance to become a millionaire by playing a game they love. Not only that, but those who excel in the sport are, more often than not, revered and their legacies resonate for years, decades even.

What should I eat if I want to be a professional footballer?

Naturally, if you want to make it as a professional footballer, it is not advisable to eat junk food or a lot of sugary treats. “A good workout must be combined with a good diet,” Ronaldo says. “I eat a high protein diet, with lots of wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods.”

How many games a week do you have to play to be a professional footballer?

As a professional footballer, you will sometimes be expected to play three games a week, running anything up to 12 kilometres per 90 minutes, so it’s safe to say drinking the pain away down the pub with your mates is not an option.

How old do you have to be to be a professional soccer player?

So if you aren’t at (least close to) a professional level yet, your chances of getting scouted are getting slimmer. But luckily, at that age, there are still some more options, like U-23 teams etc., that will allow you to get to a professional club without being a complete player yet.