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What is the largest city by population in Honduras?

What is the largest city by population in Honduras?

The largest city in Honduras is Tegucigalpa, with a population of 850,848 people….Population.

Name 2021 Population
Tegucigalpa 850,848
San Pedro Sula 489,466
Choloma 139,100
La Ceiba 130,218

What is the main city of Honduras?


Tegucigalpa, city and capital of the Republic of Honduras. It is located on hilly terrain hemmed in by mountains, at an elevation of 3,200 feet (975 metres) above sea level.

How many cities are there in Honduras?

In total, there are 39 cities in Honduras. The largest city is Tegucigalpa with a population of 1 142 373.

Why is San Pedro Sula a major city?

San Pedro Sula is a city in Honduras. With 873,824 people in the main municipality, and 1,245,598 in its metro area (2010), it is the second largest city, after the capital Tegucigalpa. It is considered the industrial center of Honduras….San Pedro Sula.

San Pedro Sula “Usula (Valley of Birds)”
Time zone UTCUTC(−6GMT)

Who is the most famous person in Honduras?

Famous people from Honduras

  • Carlos Mencia. Comedian. Carlos Mencia, born Ned Arnel Mencia, is a Honduran-born American comedian, writer, and actor.
  • David Suazo. Soccer.
  • Wilson Palacios. Soccer.
  • Francisco Morazán. Politician.
  • Manuel Zelaya. Politician.
  • Maynor Figueroa. Soccer.
  • Amado Guevara. Soccer Midfielder.
  • Carlos Pavón. Soccer.

What food is Honduras known for?

22 Traditional Honduran Foods to Relish

  • Carne Asada – A typical Honduran food.
  • Baleadas – A traditional food.
  • Enchilada – Another tortilla preparation.
  • Pastelitos De Carne – A popular meat pie.
  • Honduran Taco – A delicious delight.
  • Horchata – A famous Honduran drink.
  • Machuca – A traditional Garifuna dish.
  • Pupusa – A staple food.

What are the limits of Honduras?

Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Guatemala lies to the west, Nicaragua south east and El Salvador to the south west.

Is San Pedro Sula safe?

San Pedro Sula is unsafe to visit, and has many dangers. You should be aware that tourist hotspots, public transportation and some streets are places where most thefts and pickpocketing occur, and that violent crime exists on the streets, too.

Is Honduras safe to visit?

Honduras – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to Honduras due to COVID-19 and crime. Some areas have increased risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Honduras due to COVID-19, indicating a high level of COVID-19 in the country.

What race is a person from Honduras?

Hondurans are people of mixed race that descend from the Spanish people, mainly from Andalusians, Galicians, Valencians, Catalans, Canaries, Extremadurans and in a minority with other peoples of present-day Spain and various tribes and ethnic groups of indigenous peoples that belonged to Mesoamerica such as the Mayas …

Is Honduras Hispanic or Latino?

Hondurans are one of the biggest Latino communities among Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans.

What is the national drink of Honduras?

Pinol is the national drink of Honduras. It also happens to be the national drink of Nicaragua. It is a traditional drink made with ground maize (corn) mixed with cocoa, agave or honey and cinnamon, vanilla and a variety of spices.

What are the most important cities in Honduras?

Important cities of Honduras. The important cities are marked with black dots on the Honduras political map. Some of the cities are Cedros, Auastila, Leirnus, Catacamas, Sabana Grande, Nueva Arcadia, Salama, Pueble Viejo, Balfate, San Esteban and El Progresso. Capital of Honduras.

How many major cities are in Honduras?

List of cities in Honduras Rank City/Town Population Department 1 Tegucigalpa 1,086,641 Francisco Morazán 2 San Pedro Sula 638,259 Cortés 3 Choloma 222,828 Cortés 4 La Ceiba 174,006 Atlántida

What are three major cities of Honduras?

Honduras is a country with a small population which is located in the continent/region of North America. Countries near Honduras include Nicaragua, El Salvador, Belize and Guatemala. Its biggest cities and towns include Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Choloma and La Ceiba.

What is Tegucigalpa known for?

The city boasts of many scenic areas, the Tegucigalpa main square in the day time, and the Juan Pablo II Boulevard at night. But the city is famous for the Basilica of the Virgin of Suyapa and the Statue of Jesus Christ in El Picacho City Park.