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When did India reach the final of the Davis Cup for the first time?

When did India reach the final of the Davis Cup for the first time?

India competed in its first Davis Cup in 1921 but has yet to win the Cup. India finished as runners-up 3 times (1966, 1974, 1987). In 1974, the final was scratched and South Africa were awarded the Davis Cup after India refused to participate in the final due to the South African government’s apartheid policies.

How many times has India been runner up in the Davis Cup?

India Davis Cup team

Years in World Group 15 (7–15)
Runners-up 3 (1966, 1974 & 1987)
Most total wins Leander Paes (93–35)
Most singles wins Ramanathan Krishnan (50–19)

What is the Davis Cup?

the World Cup of tennis
The Davis Cup is the World Cup of tennis. It is the largest annual international team competition in world sport and was founded in 1900 by Dwight Davis. Great Britain are the only nation to have competed in all editions of the tournament and have lifted the trophy ten times, most recently in 2015.

Which Indian players has recorded maximum number of wins in the Davis Cup?

‘Lee-Hesh’ won three Grand Slam titles together, rose to world No. 1 and hold the Davis Cup record for most consecutive wins. In 1996, Leander Paes made history by becoming the first Indian to win an individual Olympic medal since 1952 with bronze at the Atlanta Olympics.

Who has won the most Davis Cup?

USA holds the record for winning the most consecutive Davis Cup titles. Since the Final Round was introduced in 1972, five nations have successfully defended their Davis Cup crowns….

Nation Appearances in the Davis Cup Final Davis Cup Final Win-Loss
USA 61 32-29
Australia 47 28-19
Great Britain 20 10-10
France 18 10-8

Do players get paid for Davis Cup?

Yes, they do get paid for playing at Davis Cup.