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Where are Bristan products manufactured?

Where are Bristan products manufactured?

Great Britain
Over the years that followed our brand promise has always stayed the same – to deliver a great range of taps and showers, designed and engineered in Great Britain, together with creating extraordinary customer experiences every time.

Is Bristan a good brand?

I prefer to use Bristan taps. They generally have a good range to choose from and have something for most budgets. The biggest selling point for me is the availability of spare parts if they are needed afterwards. If you can find a Bristan Prime installer in your area he/she should be able to help you.

Who owns bristan group?

Masco Corp Ltd
Bristan/Parent organizations

Does Bristan own heritage?

The Bristan Group was formed by bringing together three brands; Bristan, A&J Gummers and Heritage Bathrooms and has now become the market leader in Great Britain for taps and showers. The US-based business purchased the company and joined it with A&J Gummers and Heritage Bathrooms to form the Bristan Group.

Which kitchen taps are made in Britain?

Brand Spotlight – Perrin & Rowe Taps Perrin and Rowe taps are designed and manufactured in the UK offering a large variety of styles, designed for both modern and traditional homes.

Who makes taps in the UK?

VADO | UK’s leading manufacturer of bathroom taps, showers and accessories.

Are Bristan good showers?

Bristan Regency 2 Thermostatic Dual Control Shower Valve with Rigid Riser. Creating a focal point in any bathroom, it comes with a five year warranty from Bristan and provides an excellent showering experience.

Who makes good quality taps?

Deva is one of the UK’s most prolific supplier of taps and showers and is now part of the Methven Group, which has been a leading player in its field for more than 125 years.

Is bristan a British company?

Bristan is a popular brand of plumbing products in the United Kingdom, mainly found in bathroom fittings. It is also the name of the parent company, Bristan Group.

Who is the CEO of bristan?

Martin Mongan –
Martin Mongan – Chief Executive Officer – Bristan Group Ltd | LinkedIn.

Where are Heritage Bathrooms manufactured?

Heritage Bathrooms is based in Staffordshire in the UK, home to our industry-leading next day delivery service. Part of Bristan Group, a UK leader in bathroom products, our parent company is the Masco Corporation, a US based global homewares company.

Where are heritage bathrooms made?

Established in Bristol in 1985, Heritage Bathrooms creates stunning bathroom suites that combine the best of British classic bathrooms design with modern, reliable engineering. Every Heritage product is designed in Britain with many of their ranges, including all of their furniture, being made in the UK too.

What kind of cleaning kit does Bristan use?

We’ve developed a ‘Love your chrome’ cleaning kit which can be used to look after your Bristan taps and showers. Bristan Group is committed to its responsibilities under the Directive to recycling and the reduction of landfill in the UK.

Is the Bristan Group a zero to landfill company?

Bristan Group is proud to be a Zero to landfill company. Register your product with us now and, if you do have any queries after installation, we’ll be able to identify your product and give you the best advice quickly. Need some help?

How to find a spare part in Bristan?

On this page, you’ll find a host of advice and support and, if you can’t find what you are looking for, then our fully trained team of customer experience creators are on hand to answer any questions. If you’re looking for a spare part, simply click on the ‘find a spare’ button below.

How does the return process work at Bristan?

At Bristan, we always aim to offer the very best customer experience, even when you are returning products to us. That’s why we have a simple returns process. We’ve developed a ‘Love your chrome’ cleaning kit which can be used to look after your Bristan taps and showers.