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Who performed at O2?

Who performed at O2?

It has been named as the busiest indoor arena in the world with over 1,819,487 tickets sold in 2015 alone. Below is a list of artists that have performed at the arena since its opening in 2007….2011 – present.

showEntertainment events held at the O2 Arena
18 March Adele 2016 – 2017 World Tour
19 March
21 March
22 March

What was the 02 called before?

Millennium Dome

The O2
Former names Millennium Dome (2000)
General information
Type Entertainment venue
Architectural style Dome/tent

How many does the O2 Arena hold?

The O2/Capacity

Why is The O2 called The O2?

The arena, as well as the overall O2 complex, is named after its primary sponsor, the telecommunications company O2, a subsidiary of Spain’s Telefónica.

Who has sold out the O2?

Grammy Award-winning singer, Wizkid, is currently trending at number one on the Nigerian Twitter space and the reason is not far-fetched.

What is the fastest sold out concert ever?

2017 Concert (South Korea) — EXO Planet #3 – The ElyXion at Gocheok Sky Dome sold out (66000 tickets) in 5 minutes. Beating EXO own previous record of 10 minutes (67,040 tickets) from their second tour and being the fastest sold-out tour in the world.

Is O2 bigger than Wembley?

Used for music, comedy, family entertainment and sport, the 12,500-seat facility is London’s second-largest indoor arena after The O2 Arena, and the ninth-largest (as of August 2019) in the United Kingdom.

What is the biggest arena in the world?

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
The 50 Biggest Stadiums In The World

Rank Stadium Capacity
1 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium 150,000 (official) 114,000 (remodel estimates)
2 Sardar Patel Stadium 110,000
3 Michigan Stadium 107,601
4 Beaver Stadium 106,572

What is the largest stadium in the world?

What stadium holds the most people?

Officially the world’s largest by capacity, Pyongyang, North Korea’s Rungrado 1st of May Stadium takes top spot. Opened in 1989, the mayflower shaped arena was built as a national symbol of power and size and accommodates 150,000 people.

Is oxygen O2 or just O?

The difference between oxygen (O) and oxygen (O2 )is that the former is an oxygen atom while the latter consists of two O atoms bound together, forming a molecule also called oxygen. Oxygen is usually found as a diatomic gas. Therefore, we write it as O2.

Does O2 mean oxygen?

What Does Oxygen (O2) Mean? Oxygen, in the context of occupational health and safety, is a chemical element found in nature. It has no smell, taste or color and makes up 21 percent of the air we breathe. Oxygen is also used for cutting, welding and melting metals.

Which is the biggest sporting event at the O2 Arena?

It was also the biggest box office sporting event in O2 Arena history. On 11 February 2010, the O2 Arena hosted the opening night of the Premier League Darts, Britain’s biggest indoor sporting event. Fans travelled from all over the UK to see the likes of Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Simon Whitlock and James Wade in action.

When did the O2 exhibition open to the public?

The exhibition opened to the public on 1 January 2000 and ran until 31 December 2000; however, the project and exhibition was the subject of considerable political controversy and it did not attract the number of visitors anticipated, leading to recurring financial problems.

Is the O2 the largest entertainment district in London?

Since its opening, there have been signs of the press and public calling it The O2. It is currently the largest entertainment district in London. To mark its opening, AEG spent £6.5 million on a mass advertising campaign, led by VCCP, throughout Europe to promote The O2.

Who are some famous comedians who have performed at the O2 Arena?

Some of the UK’s most successful comedians are now performing at the O2 Arena during their stand-up tours such as Russell Howard who performed there in his 2011 tour “Right Here, Right Now”. Jerry Seinfeld performed a one night only stand-up show at the O2 Arena in 2011.