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Why did Fudge eat the turtle?

Why did Fudge eat the turtle?

Dribble – Peter’s pet turtle, which he won at Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party. Dribble seems to always be annoyed by Fudge, which led Fudge to swallow him whole. Afterwards, Warren gives Peter a dog to try to make up for the loss of him; he names it Turtle, in memory of Dribble.

How does Peter get a pet turtle?

Turtle is Peter’s pet dog that he got at the end of “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” after Fudge swallowed Peter ‘s pet turtle named Dribble. He named him Turtle so he’d never forget Dribble. In “Superfudge”, Peter gets Turtle to sick Sheila after she insults him. He also goes to the vet but gets scared.

What happened after turtle was sprayed by a skunk?

At one point, he is sprayed by a skunk that decided to steal Brian’s turtle eggs. The spray leaves him blind for two hours and influences Brian to be more prepared in case he was debilitated in the future. He rebuilds his shelter by weaving branches and logs together.

How did Fudge lose his front teeth?

How did Fudge lose his two front teeth? Peter, Jimmy, and Sheila were supposed to be watching Fudge, but they were horsing around. Fudge tried to fly from the top of a jungle gym. He fell and his teeth came out.

Did Fudge really eat the turtle?

At first she doesn’t believe Fudge, but he continues to insist that he swallowed the turtle whole. She calls an ambulance and they ride with Fudge to the doctor’s office, where Dr. Cone takes some X-rays of Fudge and confirms that yep, the kid swallowed a turtle.

Why did Fudge leave his seat in the movie?

Fudge decided to jump in the water puddles and messed up his pants. Why did Fudge leave his theater seat? He wanted to touch the bears. He didn’t like the movie.

Why did fudge have to go to the hospital?

Fudge had to go to the hospital because he swallowed Dribble (Peter’s turtle).

What is the problem in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

Tamara K. H. The central conflict in Judy Blume’sTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing concerns the fact that Fudge gets all the attention because he is a troublemaker, leaving Peter to feel jealous and unappreciated.

What good news did Mitzi give Peter?

What good news did Mitzi give Peter? That her grandfather was one of his favorite baseball players and there’s a baseball game every Sunday p.52.

  • Why did Peter feel like he needed to lie to Jimmy? He was worried Jimmy wouldn’t come up and stay with him because of Sheila, so he concocted a story p.56.
  • Are skunks rodents or felines?

    North and South American Skunks are carnivorous mammals, but they’re not rodents. Scientists originally placed them into the weasel subfamily, Mustelidae. Members of that family include ferrets, badgers, minks, otters, wolverines, and several others. Rodents belong to the mammalian group, Rodentia.

    What did Fudge do with his teeth?

    Fudge lost his two front teeth at the park when he was trying to _____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________.

    What did Fudge do during lunch at Hamburger Heaven?

    What did Fudge do during lunch at Hamburger Heaven? He dumped a dish of peas over his head.

    Why did Fudge grow to dislike Uncle Feather?

    Fudge grows to dislike him, due to him nearly receiving the same nickname as Fudge, being the cause of Uncle Feather’s broken wing, and ultimately swallowing Fudge’s first loose tooth at their farewell dinner. Peter’s best friend.

    How old is the main character in Double Fudge?

    In the first book, he is nine years old and in the fourth grade, and in Double Fudge he is twelve and in seventh grade. He has a habit of imagining things, often at times thinking up TV ads for concepts he has just been introduced to (a trait likely inherited from his father as that is his career).

    Who is Buzzy Tubman in the Fudge series?

    In the fourth book, she marries Sheila’s grandfather, Buzzy Senior, thereby uniting both the Hatcher and Tubman families much to the dismay of Peter Hatcher and Sheila Tubman. She is a very likable, and an agreeable person altogether.

    What happens when Fudge refuses to eat his meals?

    When Fudge refuses to eat his meals and wants to be fed like a dog, Warren takes charge and warns Fudge he will either “eat it or wear it” — putting an end to the tomfoolery.