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Why is it important to protect the Amazon rainforest?

Why is it important to protect the Amazon rainforest?

As well as the vivid beauty that comes with great diversity in plants and animals, rainforests also play a practical role in keeping our planet healthy. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing the oxygen that we depend on for our survival. The absorption of this CO2 also helps to stabilize the Earth’s climate.

What would happen if we cut down all the rainforests?

The Amazon rainforest is estimated to harbour about 76 billion tonnes of carbon. If all trees were cut down and burned, the forest’s carbon storage capacity would be lost to the atmosphere. For comparison, humans emit about 10 billion tonnes of carbon every year through the burning of fossil fuels.

Why deforestation is a bad thing?

The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people.

What would happen if we ran out of trees?

Without trees, formerly forested areas would become drier and more prone to extreme droughts. When rain did come, flooding would be disastrous. Massive erosion would impact oceans, smothering coral reefs and other marine habitats.

What happens if the rain forest goes extinct?

The mightiest rainforest in the world is shrinking at an alarming rate. If it disappears altogether, the effects on our planet will be devastating.

What happens to the Amazon rainforest if we don’t do anything?

For example, farming, mining, and logging are already responsible for three football fields’ worth of deforestation per minute. If we don’t do anything to stop this, the Amazon rainforest will disappear eventually. And we’d lose any chance we have in the battle against climate change.

How often are rainforests destroyed in the world?

It is estimated that every minute, 80 football pitches of rainforest are destroyed! Each day, at least one species of animal or plant becomes extinct! There is little hope of preserving all the remaining rainforests exactly as they are today.

Why is it important to protect the rain forest?

The rainforest helps to regulate the worlds water cycle. Trees play an important part in the water cycle, grounding the water in their roots and releasing it into the atmosphere.